Hendrick Gerritsz Pot

Amsterdam 1580 - 1657

A Portrait of a Lady with a Ruff Collar


Oil on Panel




20.2(h) x 16.5(w) cms


While Hendrick Gerritsz. Pot was clearly influenced by Frans Hals it appears that his first teacher was Karel van Mander. A native of Haarlem, he was director of the Guild between 1626 and 1635, although during that time he visited London (from 1631 to 1632) and worked for the royal family. On his return from London Pot was an active member, not only of Haarlem’s vast defence force, (he figures in Hals' group portrait of the St Hadrian Company, circa 1633), but also of the harquebusiers. The artist moved to Amsterdam late in his life, in 1650, (he became a citizen this same year) and remained there until his death.

In 1610 Pot married Janneken Theunisdr. de Ram (who died in 1636). Their first daughter Maritgen had Esaias van de Velde as a godfather, but she sadly died in infancy. Their second daughter Judith was baptised in London in 1631.

While he painted a wide range of subject matters such as guardroom interiors and allegories, Hendrick Gerritsz. Pot is best known for his elegant full or three quarter length portraits, which are usually on a small scale.

Consistent with Pot's work between 1620 and 1630, he imploys the faux marble oval which can be seen in many of these small scale portraits, for example that in the Mauritshuis, The Hague of Anna Hooftman (inv C1284).


Private Collection, Belgium