Bartolomaus Sarburgh

c. 1590 - after 1637

A Portrait of Nicklaus Lombach (1583-1665)


Oil on Panel




66(h) x 50(w) cms


Inscribed 'Aetat: 66'


It is thought that Sarburgh was a pupil of Jan Anthonisz van Ravenstyn in The Hague. From 1620 - 23, however, he is documented as working in Bern, from 1621-1628 in Basel, then in Cologne in 1631 and from 1632 as a Master in The Hague again working as court painter to the Nassau-Orange family. He is known to have taken much influence from Holbein and his followers and there are a number of recorded copies of paintings by Sarburgh of Holbein's paintings (some which record now lost Holbein originals). His portraits display a grandeur and austerity that befits the importance of each of his sitters whose direct gaze immediately engages the viewer.

Niklaus Lombach was a member of the patrician Lombach family from Bern who had held civil rights of the city since about 1450 but were documented in the great Council as far back as 1429. They were part of the 'Edelvesten'. Niklaus himself was a Master of Hindelbank and a member of the lower Council.