Gaspare Vizzini

2nd half of the 18th Century

A Set of Seven Genre Scenes with Gamblers, Dancers and Entertainers


Oil on Canvas




63(h) x 50(w) cms



We know very little about Vizzini's work except for a signed and dated (1782) painting in the Museo Nazionale di San Martino in Naples. It depicts a concert by the well known opera composer in Naples, Domenico Cimarosa (1749 - 1801). Cimarosa was famous for his ebullient and humorous operas (opera buffa) and his masterpiece, Il matriomonio segreto was written in Vienna for Emperor Leopold II. It was performed on his return to Naples in 1793 to great acclaim. It is tantalising to think that Vizzini in this series of seven painitngs was illustrating the rich subject matters of Cimarosa's operas whose sometimes farcical subjects would have provided the perfect material for a painter of Vizzini's inclination.

We are grateful to Professor Nicola Spinosa for pointing out the painting in the Museo Nazionale and for his kind help in the attribution of these paintings.


Private Collection, Ireland