Johann-Michael Hambach

active 1672 – 1686

A Trompe L’Oeil with a Gun Rack, a Standard, two Pikes, a Sword and other Objects, all hanging against a Wall


Oil on Canvas


Trompe L'Oeil


164.8(h) x 210.5(w) cms


A large fully signed and dated canvas of 1674 by Hambach was with Rafael Valls in 2005. It is thanks to this that we are able to fully attribute the painting as a work by Hambach.

Previously attributed to Vicente Victoria by Pérez Sánchez, it was Peter Cherry and Bill Jordan who questioned the attribution of a number of trompe l'oeils to Victoria and instead pointed to their Dutch origins, especially Biltius. The two heavily trimmed paintings in the Duke of Osuna's collection and previousy attributed to Victoria by Pérez Sánchez are almost certainly by Biltius.


Private Collection, Spain;
With Rafael Valls, London, 2005;
Private Collection, Spain.


Requested for "Thrill of Deception", Kunsthalle der Hypo-Kulturstiftung, Munich, 17th August 2018 - 13th January 2019