French School c. 1690

A View of Chateau de Saint Cloud from the Seine


Oil on Canvas




93.7(h) x 128(w) cms


This wonderful topographical view of the Chateau de Saint-Cloud has as yet eluded any firm attribution. Several contemporary painters, ranging from Adam Frans van der Meulen, Jean-Baptiste Martin (called Martin des Batailles), Etienne Allegrain to Israel Silvestre, have either painted or engraved views of this famous chateau.

The construction of the chateau began in around 1570 and was finally completed in aroiund 1701. it has had a checquered history, having belonged at one time to "Monsieur", Philippe of France , the brother of King Louis XIV.

In 1785 the chateau was bought by King Louis XIV for Marie-Antoinette who completed an extensive efrbishment between 1787 and 1788.

In 1891 it was finally demolished having suffered badly in 1870 during the Franco-Prussian War.


Probably ex collection Donald Glass, Rigmer Park, Lewes;
By family descent since 1944 to the previous owner