Paul de Vos

1595 - 1678

A Wild Boar with its Piglets being chased by Hounds


Oil on Canvas


Bird and Animal


102(h) x 276(w) cms


This dramatic hunting scene is typical of Paul de Vos and of the frieze-like composition that he uses to give the feeling of rapid movement. His contemporary Frans Snyders also employed this method and in this de Vos is certainly indebted to this master. Another simple, yet effective, visual trick employed here is to place some animals off the picture plane, which suggests a sense of continuous movement outside of the viewer's eyeline.

These subjects were highly sought after by aristocratic patrons and particularly in Spain. A magnificent example by Snyders, now in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston (17.332) and once owned by Don Infante Sebastián Gabriel Borbón y Braganza, shows the majesty these paintings can have.

Another fine example by de Vos belongs to the Prado (P5814) and is hanging in the Museo de Bellas Artes de Alava, Vitoria.

The picture is inscribed with the inventory number 1 in red.


Private Collection, Spain