A Bacchanal in a Landscape

Oil on canvas
Signed, Inscribed and Dated: "HSWANEVELT/ FA. WOERDEN/1645"
65 x 79 cms (25 2/3 x 31 1/3 inches)

This exceptionally Claudian landscape only illustrates further why Swanevelt was for so long thought to be the only pupil of Claude. Even the lightfooted figures display a great deal of influence of the great master. Bacchanalian subjects, while not unknown in the work of Swanevelt, are rarer as he tended to depict figures going about their daily lives rather than the mythological subject matter seen here. His mythological paintings are often more playful in their atmosphere and with erotic undertones; both a drawing (Teylers Museum (inv O*26) and a painting (private collection) are known of Satyrs chasing scantily clad nymphs.


Private collection, France