Jan Asselijn

c. 1610 - 1652

Herdsmen with their Flock in an Italianate Grotto


Oil on Copper


15(h) x 23.5(w) cms


Signed with Monogram: 'JA'


This fine pair of paintings are typical of Jan Asselijn in their treatment of the magical Italianate light of the Bamboccianti. A particular defining feature of his work are the brightly coloured and highly animated figures. Interestingly though, in a slight departure from his usual subject matter we also see him working on a biblical subject. Here Tobias, the son of Tobit, catches a fish under the instruction of an the Angel Raphael. He then uses an ointment made from the gall bladder of the fish to cure his father's blindness.


Private Collection, The Netherlands